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By: Greg Caruso

Plants and Animals :: 03.12.09 :: Echo :: Los Angeles, CA

Plants and Animals by Pete Nema

Listening to Parc Avenue by Montreal based Plants and Animals, you would think the rich cornucopia of sounds being produced would require, at bare minimum, a sextet. You could only imagine my shock at seeing a trio bound onto the stage at Echo. That’s what happens when you choose to see an up and coming band blindly with only the music as your navigational tool. So from the start, pleasant surprises were afoot.



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The Morning Benders, who hail from Berkeley, Ca, closed out their first tour of 2009 at The Troubadour on Saturday night. Opening up for The Submarines, the band was in high spirits, and ready to give the sold-out crowd a lasting dose of their boyish pop bravado. Conjuring up wisps of The Beatles, the poppier aspects of The Velvet Underground, and a little touch of Talking Heads, the guys had no problem keeping the crowd’s attention during their opening slot.


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